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Felicity Organics’ hemp-derived, THC free, Nano-Emulsified, Organic CBD Ingredient

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The Evolution of Feminine Balancing

Why CBD with Progesterone?

Felicity Organics’ patent pending formulation combines a Green Technology USP micronized progesterone with high-quality water-soluble nano-emulsified Organic CBD, made from certified organic hemp cannabinoids.  Felicity Organics has completed a thorough due diligence period vetting various nano-sizing CBD formulators and now sources this important ingredient with one of the most reputable and leading edge processors of CBD oil.

What’s the Evolution?

Felicity Organics’ product formulation contains high quality, organic ingredients.  Everything grown is organic.  From seed to bottle, every detail and quality standard is on purpose and driven.

Nano Emulsified vs. Conventional CBD Oil

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Conventional CBD Oil
Water Soluble CBD Oil
Felicity Organics Nano Emulsified Organic CBD


CBD is Hemp based and like all plants is oil based. Our challenge is that when CBD oil is extracted, it’s not a good mix for a water based product. The process of nano-emulsifying CBD reduces it particle size to more than a millionth of its normal size, thereby increasing absorption in the body. What this means for you is our CBD ingredient dissolves immediately into our formulation, resulting in more bioavailability. Bioavailability simply refers to the extent with which CBD can be absorbed by the body.

Leading Edge of CBD

Our unique cannabinoid-profile is reflected in our Broad-Spectrum 0.0% THC Hemp oil, containing naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. 0.0% THC Hemp oil is 70-90% CBD in addition to over 30+ terpenes and other beneficial molecules.

The process employs a nano-sized hydrophilic (water-loving) membrane around the fat-soluble nutrient that produces a formulation that is fast-acting, safe, and exceptionally bioavailable.

Key Advantages of our Nano-Emulsified CBD

Higher Absorption Rates: Our formulation encapsulates fat-based nutrients. This results in higher absorption rates

Stability: Our formula improves the stability of CBD. The result is a longer shelf-life, due to the elimination of potential phase separation.

Versatility: Our nano-CBD easily absorbs in water and lipids, which means it is easily mixed in the formulation.

Concentration: Our formulation allows a larger payload of functional fatty acids, thus eliminating the problem of dosage limitation for many functional ingredients. What this means is a more efficient pairing of the ingredients

In-Depth FAQs on CBD

Our CBD ingredient is “certified organic CBD” So what is organic CBD? It means each of our organic ingredients, including CBD have passed a certification process under the guidelines of the USDA. This indicates the ingredients were grown without the use of prohibited chemicals, fertilizers or growth hormones. Nor can the products have been exposed to inorganic substances, radiation or other artificial means of production.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis.

The vast majority of these receptors are located in the brain, the central nervous system, and the immune system. Almost every organ in your body, including the skin and digestive tract, comes with cannabinoid receptors.

The endocannabinoid system controls a plethora of major biological functions, including:

  • Neuroprotection
  • Immune response
  • Sensory perception
  • Stress management
  • Cognitive performance

CBD works throughout the endocannabinoid system in our bodies by increasing naturally occurring endocannabinoids — thus helping maintain homeostasis (balance) throughout the body.

CBD oils and cannabis concentrates are hydrophobic substances. Poor water solubility results in low bioavailability, meaning only a small fraction of cannabinoids are absorbed by the body. Nanotechnology is set to disrupt the health and wellness industry with higher potency and faster onset at lower doses. Welcome to the new world of CBD nano-emulsions!

Bio-availability will become the gold standard on criteria of what makes a formula like ours “work” in the body. Bio-availability is the degree to which a substance becomes available to target cells. The more bio-available a dose, the lower the quantity needed to experience effects. Which is why you should not pay attention to total milligrams but focus on the bio-availability of the mgs that are provided!

Bio-availability is critically important. The most effective way to increase the effect of CBD without taking more is actually to enhance its bio-availability. Oil-based products like CBD oils and creams designed for ingestion or topical use, have a relatively low bio-availability because the CBD molecule is hydrophobic – meaning it doesn’t mix well with water.

Oil-in-water emulsions are mixtures wherein water is the continuous phase and oil is the dispersed phase, often stabilized by one or more emulsifiers, also named surfactants. These surfactants can be natural or artificial, and they are used to literally make oil and water mix.

Emulsions can be macro, micro, or nano, according to dispersed phase particle size. Nanooemulsions are produced by ultrasonic liquid processors that break the dispersed phase down into 10–1,000nm (nanometer) droplets. These droplets are much smaller than the range for conventional macroemulsions (0.1–100µm), and they can be easily carried through the body by a water-based compound of choice. Practically speaking, the smaller you can break up your cannabinoid, the more it will be able to penetrate your tissues alongside water.
Our ingredient list includes natural emulsifiers that are graded as totally acceptable and non-harmful by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR).

The suggested daily serving size of our CBD oil is 10 – 20 mg CBD per day depending on your weight, and how CBD affects you individually. As we described in the FAQ above, nanoemulsification increases bioavailability. Our airless jar dispenses approximately 12.5mg of CBD per application. We say “approximately” because we always add 10% more, so it can be up to 13.75mg. This is comparable to 40mg to 50mg of regular non-nanoemulsified CBD oil. We stress getting hormone tested and working under the care of a health care practitioner that is an expert in bioidentical hormone balancing. There is no one size fits all and individual results will vary.

Absolutely not. While growing, the quality of the CBD is impacted by the quality of the hemp and subject to variables including the genetics of the plant, growing conditions, how the hemp is cured and stored. Other factors including the method of extraction, equipment, personnel experience, and refining processes play a significant role in the quality of the CBD.

A full-spectrum oil/finished product has various cannabinoids including CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBN, CBC, and THC (<0.3%). A true broad-spectrum oil/finished product will also have a cannabinoid-rich profile. However, broad-spectrum does not contain THC. Our product is broad spectrum with 0.0% THC

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