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I’m local to Veronica and Michael and was totally in when they told me they wanted a few friends to try their new cream. I never have been able to fix my hormones. I’m feeling better after a few weeks and looking forward to their actual clinical testing coming up so I can possibly participate. Amazing!
Ceci Navarro

Very luxurious feeling.

I’ve been using a bioidentical progesterone cream for several years. This one has a great smell to it and it rubs in without an oily residue. Very luxurious feeling to it. Love the automatic dispensing amount. I was always worried about wasting too much or not having enough. problem solved. I did notice the CBD effect. very calming and tranquil.
Jenny Sims

Combination Is Amazing

I’ve been able to try this new cream out as I am involved in sourcing the CBD. As a lady in her late 50s I know all too well the hot flashes and other issues I’m facing as I age. This combination is amazing and I can’t wait until it is commercially available
Early Tester

It has been life saving to me

I noticed a huge difference right away. I’ve been using a progesterone cream on and off for about five years as my hormones have been out of whack for years and years. I can honestly say that there is something to how it’s combined with CBD. I’m so grateful that CBD is now legal to use. It has been life saving to me to say the least.
Lynn Carr

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