Progesterone Cream for Weight Loss

Where to Apply Progesterone Cream for Weight Loss

One of the questions our very own Dr. Deb is asked is “Where to Apply Progesterone Cream for Weight Loss”. This isn’t a very common question.  But interestingly, the question of where to apply progesterone cream is asked online at least twice as often as the search term “where to apply progesterone cream”.   And so we added the question to our FAQ section at, where you can find many other commonly asked questions about progesterone cream and hormone balancing. 

The quick answer is that progesterone cream is best applied to areas of the body where the cream can be absorbed best by the skin.   Generally, areas that have increased blood flow are ideal.  These areas include the hands, the face, chest, breasts and inner arms and inner thigh areas. 

A particular study found that the face area absorbed better than most areas except the genitalia and underarms which posted close to 100% absorption[1]    Progesterone Cream absorbs readily in the body as it bypasses the liver and is utilized in certain hormone receptors just as a women’s own progesterone does. 

For many of us, we learn somewhere along the way that it very well may be a hormone imbalance that is causing weight gain.  The “dance” of hormone balancing is the balance of both progesterone and estrogen in the body.  At different times in our lives, either estrogen or progesterone may be more abundant naturally, such as during puberty when estrogen contributes to the body’s changes, or during pregnancy when progesterone levels are normally very high.  Yet when estrogen levels are too high and progesterone is too low chronically, it may contribute to weight gain. 

Low progesterone can inhibit your ability to lose weight and maintain the weight loss.  There are many reasons that low progesterone can contribute to weight gain.  One of the primary ways it can is by the amount of insulin release.   Remember, when we write “low progesterone”, we are also mean “excess estrogen”.  And women with excess estrogen tend to release more insulin, which causes sugar craving (glucose).  And if you already are highly attuned to sugar cravings and use glucose as your primary fuel, then the cycle tends to exacerbate.  More sugar leads to more weight gain.  This is one of the reasons the ketogenic diet works for many women, because you remove glucose from the equation. 

And so, getting back to the title of this article, where to apply progesterone cream for weight loss, if it makes you feel better rubbing it on your tummy, have at it.  But it’s more a question of absorption and so any skin area highly vascular will work!

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